Oahu Technical Trainer – Nicole Flowers

Nicole Flowers joined the TeleConnect Program before its launch in July 2020, and assisted in the design of the program, training regimen, training materials, and assistive technology setup. Since the TeleConnect Program’s launch in September 2020, Nicole has worked one-on-one with consumers to ensure each individual has an understanding of the practical and social uses of their program-provided devices, connectivity, and training materials. Nicole tailors each training session to the individual’s goals and disability needs. No two sessions are alike due to the wide variety of needs served by the TeleConnect Program.


Prior to her experience with AILH’s TeleConnect Program, Nicole designed websites and taught her clients the use of those websites, social media, and email for marketing purposes. Each of these clients gained an understanding of how to use the internet to best serve their own businesses, organizations, and events. Nicole’s technical skills include WordPress, HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, SEO, analytics, reporting, data management, website security, online security, copywriting, copy editing, and graphic design including Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign.


Nicole’s focus on user experience design lends itself well to the TeleConnect Program, as her first goal is always to ensure the end user understands and enjoys their experience with technology. Nicole specializes in creative problem solving and innovative solutions which she uses at each training session to work with each individual’s unique needs, environment, and skills. This experience is joined by others such as networking, public speaking, group training, individual training, and volunteer experience with Girl Scouts of Western Washington.


Nicole received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication with double majors in Graphic Design and Photography from the Northwest College of Art and Design in Washington state.


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