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It’s been over a year since COVID-19 created a worldwide pandemic. Our lives as we know them will not be the same, no matter how much we want them to be. Everyone has been affected by the pandemic, and the disability population is no exception. Until the world can get back into somewhat normalcy, remember to always be patient and kind with others in the community. You never know if you’re interacting with someone with a disability or someone that will need more time to process your request efficiently.

A former consumer who is Deaf and Hard of Hearing reminds Foodland shoppers and management that they cannot read your lips through your cloth masks. This may be something that hearing folks can take for granted, but one thing that should be considered. Not being able to clearly hear a request does not make someone incapable of doing their job; it just takes a little more effort on both parties to work together.

See commentary below:


Aloha Family & Friends & Customers …

My name is Skyler Tiogangco … I’m Deaf and  Hearing Impaired and I’m can’t read lip through your mask and im work at Foodland Keaau #41 and while ago I’m work for General Merchandise Clerk for Only Temporary because I’m feel I’m can’t work in Front End because I’m can’t communicate or help with customers because I’m can’t read lip through your mask and customers look me up and tap me or ask me something to find what you need and I’m said sorry and hold on I will find someone can help u because I’m can’t read lip through your mask … so I’m been struggling up and down since COVID START and I’m Always hard work and Some peoples told me “ you can do anything and nothing can stop you” I’m trying to make next level and new challenge for this time and I feel I want go back to CASHIER POSITION for now because better Paid and more Hours also I want what best for me and my son … please PEOPLES I’m going try my best I can to help customers or anyone if you come to my register and please be patient but someday I will be GENERAL MERCHANDISE MANAGER again ?? …. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SHARE if you know about ME part of Deaf and Hearing Impaired dat “ IM CANT READ LIP THROUGH YOUR MASK” and Thank you ?? ! #FoodlandKeaau #Deaf #hearingimpaired #imcantreadlipthroughyourmask

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