Emergency preparedness during the COVID-19 pandemic

Participants from all Hawaiian Islands came together via Zoom to learn and share about emergency preparedness in times of COVID-19, hosted by Independent Living Specialist, Karin Riedel.
Because of COVID-19, the capacity of emergency shelters on all islands is limited due to the social distance requirements. Consumer Ralph from Maui shared in a video his emergency plans and ideas for drinking water storage in case he shelters at home. He also shared his concerns about transportation, communication, and other considerations concerning disability in the preparation for a natural disaster.
Knowing that Amateur (HAM) Radio Operators are an essential tool to assist local Emergency Management Agencies to communicate essential information despite a power/ phone outage, Consumer Kauila from the Big Island signed up for the upcoming Amateur Radio Technician License Preparation class and got others interested in this free class as well. If you want to get involved and connected with your community you can also reach out to your local Community Emergency Response Team (CERT).
Independent Living Specialist, Karin Riedel shared information and resources for
  • Signing up with your local emergency notification system
  • Finding out if you are living in a tsunami zone, lava zone, or area prone to earthquakes, flooding or wildfires
  • Having a shared emergency plan with family, friends and/or neighbors
  • And having your important documents ready to go in a preferably fire and waterproof container.
Having all your documents ready to go, has shown to be essential for insurance and FEMA reimbursements during the Lava outbreak on the Big Island in 2018. Consumer Peter from the Big Island shared that the process of receiving his birth certificate took several months, so better get started! Independent Living Specialists on all islands can assist consumers with their individual emergency planning.
  A big shout out to all consumers who contributed and shared their knowledge and experiences in past disasters, and for those who came to be inspired and encouraged to spring into action, to find solutions for themselves, and reached out to each other for support. Together we can work on a more resilient community.
For more information call 808-339-7297.
Our next month’s Inter-Island Zoom meeting is
scheduled for September 23rd at 10:00 am.
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