10 Disability Policy Questions Every Presidential Candidate Should Answer

The 2020 election has already seen an unprecedented level of engagement of the disability community by candidates. But even though 1 in 4 people has a disability and 1 in 3 households includes a person with a disability—totaling roughly 57 million people in the United States—there has yet to be a single question on the priorities of the community.

The next administration has the unique opportunity to rectify not only many of the losses that the disability community has faced these past three years but also the numerous historic wrongs that go back decades.

How would each candidate address the lack of affordable and accessible housing? How would they prevent parents with disabilities from losing custody of their children? Here are ten questions that any candidate who wants to be taken seriously needs to be prepared to answer.

As we’ve seen with innovations such as curb cuts, closed captioning, and texting, increasing access for people with disabilities improves the lives of all people and should be a top priority for any candidate campaigning for the highest office in the land.

Read the full article by Rebecca Cokley here.


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